Europe’s most romantic cities

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by Hertz - 20 February 2020

Europe’s best-loved cities are teeming with fairy-tale castles, picturesque scenery and quaint, cobblestone streets. From the City of Love to the most famous love story in history, Europe has something to suit every romantic fantasy.

Here are our top ten most romantic cities in Europe to add to your next road trip made for two.

  •          Paris, France
  •          Venice, Italy
  •          Carcassonne, France
  •          Seville, Spain
  •          Granada, Spain
  •          Verona, Italy
  •          Edinburgh, Scotland
  •          Freiburg, Germany
  •          Utrecht, Netherlands
  •          Bath, UK

1. Paris, France – the City of Love

Often referred to as the City of Love, Paris has been attracting lovebirds to its cobbled streets for centuries. Walk hand in hand along the banks of the River Seine or climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower for breathtaking views.

Drive around 20 miles out of the city to spend the day wandering the stunning, ornate gardens of Chateau de Breteuil. This beautiful 17th-century castle is full of antiques and surrounded by lush flora and fauna. It’s the perfect place for a romantic day trip.

2. Venice, Italy – a romantic Riviera,/h2>


Venice is an instant contender on the list of Europe’s most romantic cities, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you go for the vibrancy of Venice carnival or to wander the history of the city’s cobbled streets, there’s something here to capture every heart.

Grab a piece of Italy’s traditions and take a romantic gondola ride through the city’s waterways, soaking up the views of the city as you float by. You can even follow in the footsteps of Casanova – one of Europe’s most famous lovers – by sipping wine at Cantina Do Spade and taking a look around Doge’s Palace.

3. Carcassonne, France – a medieval romance

Carcassonne is probably not as well known for its romantic appeal than other French cities, but it’s definitely one to explore. This historic, fortified city combines cobblestone streets with castle features to create a modern-day medieval romance.

Take a walk along the banks of the River Aude and admire the views of the Pont Vieux, which stretches as far as the eye can see.

The city comes into its own at night. As the sun begins to set, the turrets, buttresses and battlements are bathed in the warm light of streetlamps and the pink glow of the sunset. It’s the perfect backdrop for an evening stroll or candlelit dinner.

4. Seville, Spain – the perfect picnic spot


One of Spain’s most romantic cities, Seville is bursting with open spaces and green parks for loved-up couples to enjoy. Take a stroll through Parque de Maria Luisa before settling down on the grass for an intimate picnic in the shade of the trees.

In the evening, there’s very little that beats the views from a walk along the riverbank, followed by a stop in Rio Grande Terraza. Enjoy a traditional Spanish date with a tapas meal at Bar Cathedral. Here, you’ll dine on delicious tapas dishes while overlooking the stunning Seville Cathedral.

5. Granada, Spain – fairy-tale castles

Granada is home to some of the most splendid fairy-tale locations in all of Spain. The Alhambra castle overlooks the city from a hilltop vantage point, boasting stunning views and gorgeously unique architecture. Pause for a moment in the lush gardens and enjoy the soothing sounds of cascading waterfalls.

Tucked away in the backstreets of the city is one of the most romantic restaurants in all of Granada. El Trillo offers delicious food and sumptuous views. Dine out on the patio terrace, surrounded by fragrant jasmine and bright-red geraniums.

The city is also a short drive from the Spanish capital of Madrid, which makes a great day trip to add to your shared adventures.

6. Verona, Italy – a famous love story

Home to the world’s most famous lovers, fair Verona is well-known among romantics. The city embraces its role in Romeo and Juliet with several nods to Shakespeare’s infamous play. Head to Juliet’s balcony to see all the love notes padlocked to the fences nearby. If you’re feeling inspired, you can add your own ode to romance.

Away from the star-crossed lovers, the city is full of charming cobbled streets and piazzas, bursting with traditional Italian architecture.

Our top tip for finding a secluded, romantic spot in the city – visit the cathedral and head to the hidden cloister next door. It’s the perfect oasis of calm in this bustling city.

7. Edinburgh, Scotland – magical moments


Edinburgh is one of Europe’s most underrated cities for romance. As well as being full of picturesque castles, showcasing views of Scotland’s natural beauty, the city has gorgeous beaches nearby and stunning parks to enjoy.

Looking to pop the question on your romantic European break? St Bernard’s Well in the picturesque area of Stockbridge has become a popular spot for romantic proposals.

There’s also a chance to explore the most famous castle in Scotland – Edinburgh Castle. This stunning spot is the real-life inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series, making it an ideal location to create some magical memories.

8. Freiburg, Germany – a relaxing romantic retreat

Although not often thought of as a romantic destination, Freiburg has plenty of spots for couples to relax and enjoy some quality time together. Start your romantic trip to Freiburg with an unforgettable breakfast experience at Blumencafe (The Flower Cafe). Tuck into your first meal of the day surrounded by fragrant flowers that create the perfect setting for your morning.

Continue to surround yourself with the beauty of nature by heading to the Japanischer Garten. Here you’ll find stone statues, charming wooden bridges and pink blossoms, perfect for a peaceful walk.

After a day of exploring, head to the Keidel Mineral-Thermalbad for a relaxing spa treatment and a soak in the thermal pool.

Utrecht, Netherlands – Disney castles


No trip to Utrecht would be complete without a visit to DeHaar Castle. Just a 30-minute drive from the city centre, thismoated castle resembles the famous Disney castle, with its pinkish stone walls and blue pepper pot turrets. Explore the castle itself or enjoy a romantic afternoon in the gardens and surrounding countryside.

When the night descends, take a walking tour of the city to see it illuminated in colour. Beautiful lights dance around the cathedral and Dome Tower and let you see a side to the city that simply isn’t visible during the day.

10. Bath, UK – an elegant Georgian romance

The elegant Georgian city of Bath is regularly voted by the British public as one of the most romantic cities in the UK. Once home to romance novelist Jane Austin, it also houses several Roman baths, making the city the perfect place for a relaxing spa break with your better half.

If you really want to ramp up the old-school romance, enjoy afternoon tea in the gardens of the Royal Crescent Hotel or see the entire city in a horse-drawn carriage ride. Head to the Victorian Boathouse to see the city from the water and go punting down the River Avon.


Europe is filled with romantic cities that you can enjoy during your vacation to this stunning and varied continent. Enjoy them all with car rental from Hertz.