Avianca LifeMiles

Avianca LifeMiles (AV)

Receive LifeMiles and special discounts every time you rent a Hertz car at any participating location worldwide.

RECEIVE LifeMiles on all qualifying Hertz rentals*. Enter your LifeMiles Membership Number to receive:

- 50 miles per rental day on all qualifying rentals*

*Rentals on travel industry rates and tour packages, promotional rates, group travel, or insurance/dealer replacement rentals do not qualify to receive miles.

NOTE: To earn miles, LifeMiles members are required to mention their LifeMiles Membership Number and the LifeMiles Discount Code CDP 117049 when making their reservation.


Just enter or mention your LifeMiles Discount Code CDP 117049.

***Refer to your LifeMiles Frequent Traveler program handbook for details and applicable terms and conditions.


  • Please click on the "Get A Quote...Reserve A Car" button on the top of the screen.
  • To receive miles, discounts and benefits, you must enter your LifeMiles membership number and the LifeMiles discount code CDP 117049 when making the reservation.
  • Click here to contact your local Hertz office.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Avianca - LifeMiles /Hertz Program, contact your local Avianca office.