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Personal Protection Package

Peace of mind with the Personal Protection Package.


Personal Protection - Hertz


To help take the hassle out of traveling, Hertz makes an insurance protection package available to you that includes Personal Accident Insurance with Accidental Death, Medical Expense and Personal Property Coverage. The following is a summary for informational purposes only – the terms of the applicable policy control. Please note that these products are not available separately and must be taken in combination.

Personal Protection Package allows you to elect accidental death benefits, limited medical expense benefits and personal effects coverage for you and your traveling companions during the rental period

  • Medical Expense $2,500; Accidental Death $175,000 Renter $17,500 Passengers; Personal Effects $650 per person and $1,950 maximum. Terms and conditions may vary by state*

* Personal Accident Insurance is not available in New York. Personal Accident Insurance (MN) provides $100,000 of accidental death for driver and $10,000 for passengersand up to $3,500 in medical expenses.


Accident Death Benefit

Maximum Limit: $175,000 for renter and $17,500 passengers*
Accident must occur during rental period, and death must occur within twelve months of the accident.
If more than one loss is sustained as a result of the same accident, only the largest applicable amount will be paid out. Maximum to be paid out is 100%

*Terms and Conditions may vary by state. Personal Accident Insurance (MN) provides $100,000 for the renter of accidental death and $10,000 for passengers.


Medical Expense Benefit
The policy provides benefits up to $2,500 for reasonable and customary charges associated with confinement to a hospital; treatment by a physician; transportation to or from a hospital by a professional ambulance service (up to $250); and/or services rendered by a registered nurse within 30 days of the date of an accident that caused the injury, provided you receive initial treatment by a physician during the rental period.


When are you covered section - update with the following – Change to ‘If you elect coverage…’
If you elect coverage, the benefits for you apply to losses incurred during your rental period, regardless of whether you are actually in the car. Your traveling companions (passengers) are also covered at a lower amount for accidental death, and their injuries must occur within the rental vehicle for coverage to apply. The first renter to sign the Rental Agreement shall be considered the renter.


What if I’m injured section

Medical Expense Benefit provides up to $2,500* in medical expenses for treatment of injuries that occur during your rental period, provided treatment is rendered within 30 days of the accident.

*Terms and Conditions may vary by state. *Personal Accident Insurance (MN) provides up to $3,500 in medical expenses.



This plan does not cover any loss caused by or resulting from:


1. Intentionally self-inflicted injury, suicide, or attempted suicide of the Insured while sane or insane;

2. Normal Pregnancy or Childbirth, other than Unforeseen Complications of Pregnancy, or elective abortion of the Insured;

3. War or act of war, whether declared or not, participation in a civil disorder, riot, or insurrection;

4. Commission of or attempt to commit a felony by the Insured;

5. Mental, Nervous or Psychological Disorder;

6. Being under the influence of drugs or narcotics, unless administered upon the advice of a Physician or intoxication above the legal limit;

7. Any Loss that occurs at a time when this coverage is not in effect;

8. Participation in motor sport, or motor racing, including training or practice for the same;

9. operating or learning to operate any aircraft, as student, pilot, or crew;

10. PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION EXCLUSION: The Company will not pay for any loss or expense incurred as the result of an Injury, Sickness or other condition (excluding any condition from which death ensues) of an Insured which, within the 180 day period immediately preceding and including the Insured’s coverage effective date: (a) first manifested itself, worsened, became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; (b) for which care or treatment was given or recommended by a Physician; (c) required taking prescription drugs or medicines, unless the condition for which the drugs or medicines are taken remains controlled without any change in the required prescription drugs or medicines.



The following exclusions also apply to the Medical Expense Benefit:

Unless otherwise provided by this plan Benefits will not be provided for the following:

1. routine physical examinations;

2. mental health care;

3. replacement of hearing aids, eye glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses;

4. routine dental care;

5. any service provided by the Insured or a Family Member;

6. alcohol or substance abuse or treatment for the same;

7. Experimental or Investigative treatment or procedures;

8. care or treatment which is not Medically Necessary, except for related reconstructive surgery resulting from trauma, infection or disease;


The following exclusions also apply to Accidental Death:

Benefits will not be provided for the following:

1. loss caused by or resulting directly or indirectly from Sickness or disease of any kind;

2. stroke or cerebrovascular accident or event; cardiovascular accident or event; myocardial infarction or heart attack; coronary thrombosis; aneurysm.


Exclusions may vary by state



Filing a PAI claim
Claims must be submitted within 20 days of the date of loss, or as soon as possible (but in no event more than one year following the incident). Terms and conditions may vary by state. Please review your policy or certificate by rental state for details.

What PEC Covers 
PPC insures against risk of loss, theft or damage to certain personal belongings while renting from Hertz. PPC coverage applies throughout the entire rental period. PPC is insurance protection and pays in addition to any other policy you may have (such as a Homeowner’s policy). However, your benefits provided by other coverage may be affected by the PPC benefit. PPC includes certain personal effects owned by you, other authorized drivers under the rental agreement, and your immediate family members who permanently reside with you and are traveling with you during the rental period.

Coverage Limits*:  content changes


  • Up to $650 per person
  • Up to an overall maximum of $1,950 for all claims during any rental period




Benefits will not be provided for any Loss, or damage to, caused by, or resulting in whole or in part from: 

1. animals, rodents, insects or vermin;
2. bicycles;
3. motor vehicles, aircraft, boats, boat motors, ATV’s and other conveyances;
4. artificial prosthetic devices, false teeth, any type of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids;
5. keys, notes, securities, accounts, currency, deeds, food stamps, bills, or other evidences of debt, or tickets;
6. money, stamps, stocks and bonds, postal or money orders;
7. property shipped as freight, or shipped prior to the Departure Date;
8. contraband, illegal transportation or trade;
9. items seized by any government, government official or customs official;
10. defective materials or craftsmanship;
11. normal wear and tear;
12. deterioration.


PPC Proof of Loss

All losses by theft must be reported to police or other authority immediately, and if the property was stolen from the rented vehicle there must be signs of forced entry.



How to file a PPC Claim

Claims must be submitted promptly and no later than 12 months of the occurrence. Terms and conditions may vary by state. Please review your policy or certificate for details

PAI with AD&D/Medical Expense and PPC coverages are underwritten by Empire Fire and Marine Insurance Company.


This information is only a brief summary of PAI and PPC coverages.Please review your policy or certificate for all terms, conditions and exclusions.

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