Rental Qualifications and Requirements
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On most retail rentals at corporate locations and participating licensee locations in Canada, the minimum age is 25 years old without an additional Age Differential Charge.


From 20 years old you can rent the following vehicles with an additional Age Differential Charge:


Vehicle Group

Charge per day

(B) Kia Rio or similar

 (C) Toyota Corolla or similar

(D) Volkswagen Jetta or similar

(E6) Toyota Prius or similar

(F) Hyundai Sonata or similar

$ 30.00

(A6) Manager's Special

(B5) Nissan Qashqai or similar

(L) Ford Edge or similar

(O6) Toyota Tacoma or similar

(Q4) Toyota RAV4 or similar

(R) Dodge Grand Caravan or similar

$ 40.00

(G4) Volvo S60 or similar

(H4) Volvo XC60 AWD or similar

(M) Ford Transit 350 XLT or similar

(P4) Volvo V90 CC or similar

(S) Ford F-150 or similar

(T) Dodge Durango or similar

(T4) Buick Enclave or similar

(T6) GMC Yukon XL 4WD or similar

(W4) Volvo V60 or similar

$ 60.00



Corporate Accounts


Certain accounts have agreements with Hertz, which permit rentals to young renters. Renters must present a valid identification at the time of rental and additional fees may apply. Please review your account's policies to verify age exceptions.


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