Rental Qualifications and Requirements
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Authorized Operators
Acceptable Authorized Operators are automatically covered on the Rental Agreement.


Authorized Operators are:

- The employer, employee or fellow employee of renter on company business, (when booking includes company Corporate Discount Number).


-The renter’s spouse* or domestic partner** if the renter is a loyalty member of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards (all tiers)


- Authorized Operators do not have to be present at time of rental.


- There are no fees for Authorized Operators.


*A spouse is defined as persons in a legally recognized marriage, same sex marriage and partners in legally recognized civil unions.


** A domestic partner is defined as an unmarried partner of the same or opposite sex (not a relative) who permanently resides as part of the same family unit, at the same address as the renter, as validated by the address on the driver's license.


Additional Authorized Operators
- Individuals not automatically covered on the Rental Agreement as Authorized Operators noted above need to be approved by Hertz after completing an "Authorized for Additional Operator" form.
- An applicable driving record will be performed - Additional Authorized Operators can be added at time of rental or at any renting location.
- Renter and each Additional Authorized Operator must be present to sign Rental Agreement, present an acceptable credit card (debit cards not acceptable) or current round-trip ticket (air, train or bus), show valid driver's license, and must meet the same minimum age requirement.  .
(The credit card or round-trip ticket requirement does not apply to a spouse or domestic partner).


Additional Authorized Operators Fees
$ 13.50 per day, maximum $ 189.00 per rental, for each Additional Authorized Operator.


Exceptions -

No fee If both renter and Additional Authorized Operator are AAA/CAA members.

No fee for drivers of physically impaired renters.

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